Dropbox initial setup

Step 1
Tap the Settings button. Select Access Dropbox.

Step 2
Select the Link Dropbox Account button.

Step 3
You will then be taken out of the TVTI Player app and into either Dropbox iPad app or Safari to sign in and allow TVTI Player access to your Dropbox

Step 4
After clicking the "Allow" button you will then be directed back into the TVTI Player. Tap Settings->Access Dropbox like in steps 1 & 2. Click the TVTI Dropbox Folder.

Step 5
You are now in the TVTI Player Dropbox folder. There is nothing in it because you need to upload your videos to your dropbox via your PC or Mac.

Step 6
Locate you dropbox folder on your PC or Mac. There will be a new folder in there called "Apps"

Step 7
Open the "Apps" folder. Then open the "TVTI Video Player HD" folder. This is the folder you need to upload your video files to.

Final Step
When you relaunch the TVTI Player and access your Dropbox folder you will now see your uploaded files.

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