How to export playlists

Step 1
Select the blue accessory button for the playlist you want to export. In the screen shot below we are going to export "My_At_Bats".

Step 2
Tap the blue Export Playlist button

Step 3
the box tells you how much space you will have remaining after you export the video clip. If there is enough space select Continue

Step 4
Exporting time will depend on the size of your playlist.

Step 5
After the export finishes the screen below will appear.

Step 6
To retrieve your playlist you need to plug in your iPad via USB and then launch iTunes. After iTunes has launched, select your iPad then select the Apps tab. In the File Sharing section select TVTIPlayer. A folder will be there with the name of your playlist that you just exported. Select the folder and then press the Save To Button on the bottom right. A dialog box will appear. You can then select where to save your playlist.
Don't forget to delete the folder after exporting. To do this select the folder and press the Delete button on your keyboard.

Final Step
Locate the folder you just saved. When you open it your playlist and all its video clips will appear.

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