How to create and import a playlist using TVTI Player PC version

Step 1
If you have TVTI Player PC version you are already familiar with playlists. Any playlist being viewed in the TVTI Player PC Version can easily be exported to the iPad version of the TVTI Player by simply going to File->Quick Export to iPad.. (as seen here)

Step 2
A Windows dialog box will then show up. Select or Create a folder to put your playlist and its associated video files in. In this example I created a folder called "Bravos Sample" on my Desktop. Rename your playlist.m3u to something significant. Example: My_At_Bats_2011.m3u. The playlist file name will be used as the playlist name within the TVTI Video Player HD iPad app.
The target location MUST BE a folder.

Step 3
After selecting the save button, a progress bar dialog box will appear. Progress time will vary depending on the length of your playlist. When the process is complete you will see the window below.

Step 4
In this example there are 5 clips in my playlist. So within the folder there are 5 clips with unique file names. There will also be your_playlist_name.m3u and your_playlist_name.txt.

Step 5
After you have checked that your playlist and video files have been created, launch iTunes and connect your iPad. Click on your iPad on the left in iTunes and then click on the Apps tab. Scroll down and select TVTIPlayer in the File Sharing section. Click the Add button and browse to the folder with your playlist and video files. Select all of the files. Then click Open.

Step 6
After all the files have been transferred, your screen will look like the screenshot below.

Step 7
Launch TVTI Video Player HD on your iPad. A loading screen will appear like below. Loading times will vary depending on the length of your playlist.

Final Step
TVTI Video Player HD will now have your playlist name in the left view and it's associated files in the right view. You have successfully imported a playlist using TVTI Player PC version into TVTI Video Player HD iPad version.

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